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Our Story

The story of Vislander is a story about islanders – the people of Vis and Britain. While the Second World War was raging in the Adriatic, Vis was hiding a secret British air base. In the isolation the people of Vis lacked food, while the British pined for the pleasures of peacetime. That is why grandma Frona and grandfather Jure made an additional alliance with the British. They traded wine for food, a dry military meal for the Plavac. The PERFECT SANDFIELD TERRAIN and sustained labor made this alliance victorious. 

History of the small island Vis

Issa was founded in 397 BC, during the reign of Dionysius the Elder, the illustrious tyrant of Syracuse, as the first Greek colony on the eastern Adriatic coast. During the reign of Dionysius the Younger, Issa became a free democratic polis (city-state) and established its own colonies across the coast: Lumbarda, Tragurion, Epetion, and Salona.

Our vineyards

The vineyards are cultivated traditionally, without the use of mineral fertilizers or synthetic pesticides, maximally respecting the health of the soil, vines and animal life.

Wine testing and tours

Visit the Vislander winery, discover the basics of Vis viticulture and taste the varieties Plavac mali and Vugava, indigenous to the island Vis. Meet our Vislander grappa as well, which soothes all ails: toothaches, stomachaches, heartaches…our thousand year old universal cure!

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