Our wine tells the original story of the difficult times on the island of Vis and the monetary value of Plavac wine exchanged by the islanders for food. An equal respect for history and terroir is what makes us different.


Vislander - vino za život

The story of Vislander is a story about islanders – the people of Vis and Britain.
While the Second World War was raging in the Adriatic, Vis was hiding a secret British air base. In the isolation the people of Vis lacked food, while the British pined for the pleasures of peacetime. That is why grandma Frona and grandfather Jure made an additional alliance with the British. They traded wine for food, a dry military meal for the Plavac.
The PERFECT SANDFIELD TERRAIN and sustained labor made this alliance victorious.


Each bottle of our Plavac is a journey through the exciting history of the island of Vis and a small celebration of life.


Our wine is a first-hand experience of the past, when Plavac was a means of survival for islanders.


Our wine invites you to enjoy good company, food and drink.


We are dedicated to every grape because the plavac grape symbolizes our life, the only thing we had in difficult times.


Milna appellation

  • Plavac mali

    Appellation: Milna
    Premium dry red wine
    Alk.: 15 % vol.

    130,00kn (17,24€)
  • Plavac mali

    Appellation: Milna
    Premium dry red wine
    Alk.: 14,5 % vol.

    120,00kn (15,79€)

Ljubišće appellation

  • Plavac mali

    Appellation: Ljubišće
    Premium dry red wine
    Alk.: 13,5 % vol.

    120,00kn (15,79€)

Tihobraće polje appellation

Voščica appellation

  • Plavac mali

    Appellation: Voščice
    Premium dry red wine
    Alk.: 13 % vol.

    120,00kn (15,79€)


  • Rosé

    Appellation: Milna
    Dry rose wine
    Alk.: 13% vol.

    75,00kn (9,95€)

Bugava (Vugava)


  • Limoncello 0,5l

    With the colour of a sunny kiss, Limoncello da Issa is a reflection of the rich cultural heritage of the island Vis.
    One of the most popular Italian aperitifs made its way to our island, and with the addition of the peel of an indigenous variety of Vis lemon, rich in aromatic oils and natural bitterness, the drink gained an original local note.
    On hot summer nights an ice cold Limoncello will fill your palate with the freshness, smell and optimism of lemons.

    100,00kn (13,26€)
  • Grappa Barrique 0,5l

    How come grandpa Jure has never been to the doctor?
    Some say it's because he began every meal with a finger of grappa (rakija)! The finger is the traditional Croatian measurement for it. The Vislander grappa (rakija) is made from the grapes of plavac mali, grown in the sandy Vis soil. It's the product of the mighty sun and classic Mediterranean distillation technology. Wine grappa is a drink to be enjoyed, that cures the body and soul!

    80,00kn (10,61€)
  • Travarica 0,5l

    Of the countless aromatic Dalmatian herbs growing in the Vis air and salty rock, 9 of them (sage, heather, fennel, common rue, white wormwood, carob...) can be found in the Vislander herb grappa. This drink, made from the finest grapes and herbs, was prescribed by pharmacists since the old ages to cure bad digestion, colds, muscle pain and toothaches. Another popular application is - by massage.
    Herb grappa is a drink that heals both the body and the spirit, a drink to be enjoyed!
    Ideal with hib (Vis’ cake made of dried figs and herbs).

    75,00kn (9,95€)
  • Pear grappa 0,5l

    In her garden grandma Frona didn't grow roses, but from the rose family she always had one tree of pear and quince. This "gift from the gods", as Homer called pears in the Odyssey, is overflowing with vitamins B and C, calcium, potassium, copper and iron, and just a finger of pear grappa a day will regulate your cardiovascular system and help the nerves fight stress.
    Pear grappa (rakija) is a drink to be enjoyed, that cures the body and soul!

    80,00kn (10,61€)
  • Carob grappa 0,5l

    Pan and his nymphs rested from their duties as protectors of nature underneath the green carob trees. Saint John the Baptist lived on carobs on his travels. Carobs are rich in vitamins A and B as well as calcium, and only a finger a day will help your immune and respiratory systems as well as calming the stomach and intestines. The color of the Vislander carob rakija matches the sunset above the bay of Vis.
    Carob rakija is a drink to be enjoyed, that cures the body and soul!

    90,00kn (11,94€)


  • Issa Citrus Dry Gin 0,5l

    Did you know there is an indigenous variety of lemon from Vis?
    It is assumed that this old island variety was brought by the Greeks in 397 BC, when they founded the Issa polis in the area of today’s Prilovo peninsula in the Vis bay.
    The particularity of this Issean lemon is not only its acidity, but also its pronounced bitterness and very thick skin, which along with the bitter orange flower scent creates a citrusy gin that will refresh you in summer nights.

    INGREDIENTS: blueberries, lemon and orange peel.

    100,00kn (13,26€)
  • Sir William Hoste London dry Gin 0,5l

    Did you know that one of the greatest British naval victories during the time of Napoleon’s wars happened on March 13th, 1811 near Vis?
    Vis at the time of Napoleon’s rule had been under British occupation for ten whole years (from 1805 to 1815), even though the entirety of Dalmatia belonged to France according to the Schönbrunn peace treaty. The victory of the British fleet, commanded by Sir William Hoste, over the more powerful French fleet was the beginning of the end of the French domination on the Adriatic. The classic London dry gin with Sir William Hoste’s name was created for complete enjoyment on one of the last paradise islands.

    INGREDIENTS: blueberries, coriander, angelica, grains of paradise, ginger, orris root, grapefruit, anise, nutmeg, cardamom.

    100,00kn (13,26€)
  • 24 Carob Gold Gin 0,5l

    Did you know the measurement carat comes from the carob tree?
    In antic Issa they measured the weight of gold and jewels using the carob plant seeds, and in Roman times the solidus golden coin weighed 24 carob seeds. As such, historically 24 carats has been the measure for hundred percent pure gold, just as today 24 carobs give our gin a hundred percent pure golden flavour!

    INGREDIENTS: juniper berries, carob, sage, lemon and orange peel, angelica, coriander, iris root, aromatic Vis herbs.

    100,00kn (13,26€)
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